UrbanTaali is a Restaurant and mobile Food-truck dedicated to the serving fresh quality meals that are sure to satisfy any taste buds! We serve up many “Taali”s (translates into the word “dishes” or “plates” in Hindi (thali) including specialty dishes, burgers, Philly cheesesteaks, sandwiches, and sides all with a twist of flavor. Furthermore, we have a unique advantage – our food is “halal”. Our mission is to provide freshly cooked meals at convenient locations (events, universities, corporate offices, etc.) in the metro Atlanta area. Also, due to our awesome restaurant having wheels, we’re able to come closer to you! Our services extend to catering for special events (house parties, mehndi/henna party, weddings, receptions, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, sporting events, etc.) for a party of 20 or more anywhere within a 100 mile radius of Atlanta, GA.

Our Story....

In 2012, while most people were worrying about whether the end of the world was indeed upon us, four roommates living in Atlanta were worrying about something much more important—what were they going to eat for dinner tonight?

These guys live each of their days differently from each other – one is working in the corporate world, one is an aspiring lawyer and two are students, but they have one thing in particular in common – they love food! No matter where their day takes them or how different their schedules are, they always find themselves sitting together around the dinner table, asking the same question – What are we going to eat tonight??

After months of eating out, ordering Chinese takeout, heating up frozen pizzas, and living off of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and smoothies, Junior decided that he wanted to change things up a bit, so he cooked up a dish of his special homemade meatballs as a surprise dinner for the guys to try.

Up until this point, none of the other roommates knew that Junior had this secret knack for cooking, but it wasn’t long after their first bite of his homemade meatballs that they knew he had natural talent. Junior was cooking up a variety of dishes every night, adding a special twist of his own, and they were an instant hit with the guys! Soon the daily question of “What are we going to eat tonight?” became “What are we going to cook tonight?”

The food was so good that the guys joked around with Junior about how he should audition for a cooking show on TV or open up his own restaurant. The idea of opening up a restaurant was bounced around as a joke at first, but one night, after laughing about it, someone said, “Why not? Why don’t we open up a restaurant?” It was then that they knew that this wasn’t just an idea anymore— they wanted to make it a reality, and the rest is history.

Fast forward to Eid 2013 . After many, many months of planning, up and downs, trials and tribulations, late nights, and enduring a long month of fasting for Ramadan, the guys were finally able to begin their business venture together: opening a food truck. On Eid 2013, UrbanTaali was born.

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